Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond

A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond

Free Barrett Brown and the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee are collaborating to produce a night to jointly raise funds for these two prominent internet activists. All proceeds will be split evenly between the two; with half to Barrett’s legal expenses and half going to support Jeremy while he is incarcerated. This is a fundraiser event and variety show with notable speakers, musical performances, and the auctioning of items. Brown is an investigative journalist who exposed the world of private spying with Project PM while Hammond is the alleged source for WikiLeaks’ Global Intelligence Files. Barrett faces up to 105 years in prison and is awaiting trial, while Jeremy faces up to 10 years after taking a plea agreement. You can read about The Strange Case of Barrett Brown and The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond.
Monday, August 19th 2013
7PM to 11PM
ThoughtWorks NYC
99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor
Max capacity: 75 people
Drinks and food will be served.
Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights, attorney for WikiLeaks)

Stanley Cohen (All-Around Legal Stud and PayPal 14 Attorney)
Jay Leiderman (Attorney who has defended members of Anonymous)
Tor Ekeland (Attorney for weev, convicted under CFAA)
Kevin Gallagher (Director of Free Barrett Brown)
Emily Kunstler (from Jeremy’s legal team, with a statement from Jeremy)
Alexa O’Brien (Journalist covering the Bradley Manning trial, by video)
Glenn Greenwald (Journalist who broke NSA stories, by video)
To be announced. . .
Arthur Smilios (of The Gorilla Biscuits)
Anthony Atamanuik (UCB Theatre/MTV/30 Rock)
To be announced. . .
Auction items:
Art by Shepard Fairey, Molly Crabapple
A signed guitar from Dave Navarro
To be announced. . .
$20 minimum
All guests will receive a free DVD copy of War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State


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