Wednesday, April 3, 2013





Washington DC—The U.S. Government is the New China. The WBDL has filed a motion challenging an oppressive, unconstitutional subpoena issued by the “Department of Justice” in the prosecution of journalist Barrett Brown and the investigation into the Project PM Wiki.

“The Department of Justice is abusing its subpoena power to invade lives, threaten freedoms and destroy people for simply exploring the truth about their government,” says Jason Flores-Williams, WBDL lawyer. “Like China, they are trying to control the flow of information on the internet.”

The government served the subpoena on CloudFlare Inc., in an attempt to gain protected, private information about a range of individuals, websites and data. CloudFlare agreed to give the WBDL time to challenge the subpoena in order to protect the rights of its clients.

“The internet is the new frontier for civil rights,” says WBDL attorney Jay Leiderman.* “This entire indictment of Barrett Brown, like Ai Weiwei, is an affront to democracy. We have to stop this government from criminalizing dissent in our society.”

The government subpoena violates First Amendment rights of speech and association, Fourth amendment rights against illegal seizures and the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

“This government needs to be checked,” says WBDL attorney Dennis Roberts.  “These are critical constitutional issues that go to the very heart of our democracy.”

The WBDL is a group of noted criminal defense attorneys and investigators from around the country who seek to lower defense costs via grassroots fundraising and support.

The Motion to Intervene and Quash was filed today in federal court in the Northern District of Texas.

Media contact:
Jason Flores-Williams, WBDL

*Jay Leiderman is not involved in the legal work involving the CloudFlare subpoena.  He has a legal conflict due to his prior representation of Barrett Brown.


  1. Well, with a chip implant in my brain, I can't say a thing. That is not all they have done to me, but again, they would kill me if I did. They know my thoughts, what I say, hear what I say. I am loaded up. Fair game, even now to any criminal that knows I am chipped. I wish I had funds to support your cause, but I remain homeless to move about. So, you see, I can't even think about what I want to say, (they monitor me 24/7) and I know a hell of a lot. Even just daring, to share what I just shared, will get me punished. So, I remain, mostly silent. Stay safe, stay strong, and one day, I want to ask why I am Targeted? I know why. I just want to know their excuse as to why.

  2. So at the same time you are going to argue that the internet is a public forum and you have a right to privacy. smh. cameras in public dummies, same as the internet, public forum, no public right of privacy.

    Stop telling these people you are experts.

    1. Can you elaborate a bit here? Am I being naive? I have absolute zero hope for me, but hold onto it for others.