Thursday, January 24, 2013

Barrett Brown Has Been Indicted For a Third Time: A Case of Prosecutorial Abuse

Here are some of the early reports and links on Barrett's newest case.

For those that do not know who Barrett Brown is, I encourage you to Google him.  Barrett is an information activist, journalist and author.  He is in a federal detention facility in Texas and is facing 100 years in prison, if I've done my quickie math in my head right.  

His crimes, you ask? He is alleged to have made threatening YouTube videos aimed at the FBI agent that raided his home, he is alleged to have shared a link that contained credit card and access information, and he supposedly hid laptops when the FBI came-a-knocking.  That's right, that sorta stuff could cost you 100 years these days.  

Please consider donating to his defense fund.  Barrett is interested in hiring a private attorney.  He is pleased with his present Federal Public Defender, but has expressed interest in an attorney that can dedicate more time to visiting with Barrett to discuss the evidence and strategy.  This money will be used to retain a local attorney, it is not to pay for my services. 

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Feds Pile On More Charges Against Anonymous Agitator Barrett Brown

By Kim Zetter 

The Guardian

Hacktivist anger over US government's 'ludicrous' cyber crackdown

By Karen McVeigh 

Dallas Morning News
By Robert Wilonsky

For the third time in three months, feds indict Anonymous’ not-spokesman Barrett Brown, charging him with obstruction 

The Dallas Observer

By Anna Merlan
Barrett Brown Was Hit With a Third Indictment Yesterday, This Time For Concealing Evidence

Ars Technica

When the FBI comes knocking, don’t hide laptops in your mom’s dishes

Barrett Brown faces two new counts of "concealment of evidence" in federal case


  1. Glad to see The Guardian at least managing to mention Barrett's name at last, I can't stand the mainstream media's hesitation on this. They may view BB as a loose cannon, but that is no excuse not to share with their readers the open and shut details of this case.

  2. If Mr. Brown finds guilty by the court, he must face the criminal charges filed against him. But let's hope for the better that he will be cleared and start a normal life again.

  3. More on Mr. BB: